Sally has written the following books:

Stand-Alone Novels

The Devil's Toenail

Ryland's Footsteps


Wheels of War

Song Hunter

Tales of the Tribe

Cold Tom

Ice Maiden

The Truth Sayer Books

The Truth Sayer

The Truth Sayer: March of the Owlmen

The Truth Sayer: Plague of Mondays

Books for Younger Readers

The Path of Finn McCool

James and the Alien Experiment

Princess Pip's Holiday

Gulliver's Travels

Moving Out

The Queen's Spy/The Velvet Thief

Class Six and the Nits of Doom

Big Bad Troll

Othello - a re-telling

Not Ethan Again

Land of the Gods

Don Quixote - a re-telling

Class Six and the Eel of Fortune

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