The Truthsayer:

Banner artwork by David Wyatt

The Truth Sayer March of the Owlmen Plague of Mondays Truth Sayer Magic A Step Into Another World The Song of the Sheep

The third book in the Truth Sayer series

Cover artwork by Oliver Burston

Nian's brother arrives at the House of Truth with a warning that something has gone wrong with the turning of the worlds. This is very serious, and Nian needs to investigate the matter urgently. First thing tomorrow, in fact.

But if the turning of the worlds is being disturbed, then maybe tomorrow will never arrive...

Far away, a group of archaeologists are about to open an ancient sealed tower.

And that really isn't a good idea.

This is the third book about Nian the Truth Sayer - but you can read the books in any order.

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"very exciting and funny" Adèle Geras

"rip-roaring" Julia Eccleshare, Love Reading 4 Kids

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