The Truthsayer

Banner artwork by David Wyatt

The Truth Sayer March of the Owlmen Plague of Mondays Truth Sayer Magic A Step Into Another World The Song of the Sheep

Cover artwork by Oliver Burston

You know how people are always going into a different world and then discovering that everyone speaks English?

Well, what if they don't?

And how does magic work?

If you know something's name, does that give you power over it?

What is the best thing to tie up a policeman with?

What if you get your heart's desire, and find it's not enough?

Could anyone have a more totally annoying nan than Jacob Rush does?

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Nian's destiny is to walk the worlds. This is the first story in the series about his adventures.

NB: Nian rhymes with Ian and you say Tarhun TARhn.


"I think everybody should read this book. It is an absolutely brilliant page-turner." Jamie Halson, the Guardian

"I enjoyed every word of it." Denis Hamley, Armadillo

"this will have children of eight and upwards eager for second helpings." The Telegraph

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