"THE DEVIL'S TOENAIL" The Devil's Toenail published by Oxford University Press

Published in the United States as PLAYING WITH FIRE

This book was ten years in the writing, though I wasn't working on it all the time. You see, there was a lot to find out about the hero, Stevie, and he really didn't want to give away his secrets.

It all started as a family holiday. I was staying in North Somerset in a caravan with my husband and my two small daughters, and, on the first evening on the beach I picked up a spooky-looking stone. Oh yes, my husband said, a devil's toenail. And at once Stevie's voice began telling me things. They weren't true, but I didn't know that then.

Other stuff - I've always liked Top Cat and his gang, especially Benny. I know what it's like to be the one who's bullied.
Much later, years later, I read about someone who died in a terrible accident.

All this went into the story, too.

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"Scary and thrilling, and quite impossible to put down." Irish Post

"Impressive ambition and psychological complexity." The Telegraph

"it is the best book I have read. I love it it's cool." Adilene, Good Reads.com

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