"THE QUEEN'S SPY and THE VELVET THIEF" The Queen's Spy and The Velvet Thief published by Pearson

These are a pair of stories set in Tudor England. They both star Edward and his twin sister Bridget; their quite dreadful Great Aunt Anne; and the fat, disreputable and very cunning Nat Cobbley, who starts the stories as a vagrant and ends up...

...but that would be telling.

The first story, THE QUEEN’S SPY, involves treason, danger in the dark, and a particularly nasty schoolmaster.

The second, THE VELVET THIEF, is about a tall dark and handsome visitor to Edward and Bridget’s house. Bridget adores Giles Petit, but there’s something about him that makes Edward not trust him an inch.

Who’s right?

And if it’s Edward, how can Giles Pettit be stopped?

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