Land of the Gods (published by Bloomsbury)

The Romans are coming…

Lucan’s family was attacked and forced into exile by the Romans, and so when Lucan sees a group of Roman soldiers heading towards his new home then the only thing to do is run.

But where can he go? And where can he hide when there are so many Roman gods, and the chances are that they’re all on the look-out for him? As Lucan says: ‘Always be polite to powerful people – especially if they’re gods.’

But, as it turns out, it’s not just the gods that are the problem…

I love writing about new worlds, and for a Celtic boy living in what is now Wales, Roman Britain must have seemed like a cross between Hollywood and Mars. This book was good fun to research, and good fun to write, too, because the irrepressible, and (as he repeatedly tells us) handsome and intelligent Lucan proved excellent company.

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"Absorbing…I would highly recommend it for readers of 8+ with no upper limit." Valerie Loh, Historical Novel Society.

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