Goldkeeper published by Oxford University Press

I was brought up in a religious family. I went to a church school, and took my first Sunday School lesson when I was ten years old.

Can't say I found any of it a barrel of laughs.

The worst thing was that awkward questions were discouraged - and I was practically born asking awkward questions.

Goldkeeper is intended to be a barrel of laughs that asks a lot of awkward questions about religion. It concerns a very awkward boy called Sebastian, his pet rat Gerald and a lot of gangsters... and God.

The nicest thing about having written this book has been that everyone has a different favourite character. (Turville is the most popular, followed by the dangerous Eunice.)

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"all-new action adventure...brilliantly written and perfect for boys and girls alike." The Bookseller

"One of the funniest, most thought-provoking comedy thrillers to have been published for years." The Times

"wonderful" Leonie Flynn

"even my mum enjoyed it" Thomas Benney, Red House Books

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