Wheels of War published by Oxford University Press

What if you are nobody?

Wouldn't life be easy, then? You'd have no wants, no ambitions, no desires, no friends, no family.

If you had nothing to lose, you wouldn't have to worry about war, danger, death - anything at all.

Will is a servant in a big house, and all he has to do is obey orders. But when war comes, Will finds himself having to make decisions and look after the others.

But then the war comes closer still...

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"I finished this excellent read at 3am." Tony R Keats, The Cotswold Bookstore

"This is an amazing hooking book, so brilliant I read it until 11 last night when my mum thought I was asleep!" Aliya, Libraries Matter Forum

"brilliant cautionary tale" Mary Shine Thompson, Irish Times

"A skilled and suspenseful imagining of the different forms heroism can take by a wonderful storyteller" Amanda Craig, The Times

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