Othello by William Shakespeare, a re-telling for children (published by Collins)

Desdemona and General Othello have run away to get married, but before Desdemona’s angry father can catch up with them an enemy fleet is sighted, and Othello has to set sail with his new wife to organise the defence of Cyprus.

But Othello doesn’t know that his most dangerous enemy of all will be there before him.

He is planning revenge…

Writing this version of Othello was challenging, fascinating, and of course a great honour. The chief challenge lay in making everything understandable while expressing as much as possible of the passion and poetry of the original; the fascination lay in exploring how Shakespeare made this great play so powerful and thrilling.

Extra challenges were raised by some of my editors, who, perfectly reasonably, wanted some definite answers to questions that have been puzzling Shakespeare’s audiences for four hundred years. It felt very daring deciding who was right among all the scholars!

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