Banner artwork by David Wyatt

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Nian's world is a strange place. Many of the plants and animals look quite like those of our world, but of course they aren't the same. I suppose I'd have to be a scientist to work out exactly what they are, so I've mostly used descriptions to give readers the best idea I can of what they're like.

The rare and beautiful cloud-lynx, for example, is unlikely to be a big cat at all, as there do not seem to be any other cats in Nian's world (apart from mythological tigers). I rather suspect that the cloud-lynx might be a sort of giant mongoose, a little like the extraordinary Fossa of Madagascar. I'm sure that Nian could discover the answer to this question - except that, quite frankly, he has no intention of going close enough to a cloud-lynx to find out.

And Nian finds it utterly hilarious that anyone should want to get anywhere near a unicorn...

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